Client Testimonials

Read what Julie’s client’s have to say about their experience of counselling

All testimonials are published with consent by each individual client who have either chosen to use their real name or have chosen to use a pseudonym.

  • “I found all sessions very beneficial being able to talk openly about current experiences and situations which have led up to present time. I have been given tools which have and will help for going forward in my day to day personal and work life.”

    Lisa – Washington


  • “Addiction had been a poisonous tree in my life for a long time. Recovery has involved felling this tree and the even harder task of digging up the roots. Counselling has primarily helped me to expose the roots of my addiction that stretch back into my past and has helped me to understand how they got there in the first place. I would highly recommend counseling as it is a vital tool in uprooting my addiction.”

    Dave – Durham


  • “I have found the counselling service offered by Julie extremely supportive and beneficial. It has provided me with a space to talk and equipped me with the tools to help understand and deal with my feelings. The whole process has been really positive and I am very thankful to Julie for all her guidance and support.”

    Elizabeth – Durham


  • “I have enjoyed the counselling sessions and looked forward to attending. I’ve been able to say how I feel, express feelings that have been bottled up.  In future I will refer back to the strategies and coping techniques and who matters. Counselling has been good due to the counsellor.”

    Elsey – Durham


  • “Talking through problems and feelings were a huge help. [Counselling] helped with coping strategies and putting things into perspective.”

    Jill – Hartlepool