Client Testimonials

Read what Julie’s client’s have to say about their experience of counselling

All testimonials are published with consent by each individual client who have either chosen to use their real name or have chosen to use a pseudonym.

  • “I started counselling after being diagnosed with PND (post natal depression) after a difficult pregnancy and birth.  Julie has not only helped me with PND but we have also worked on my confidence and dealt with issues from my childhood. I now feel I have the tools to continue building my self confidence by myself!”

    Vicky – Durham


  • “I was skeptical it [counselling] would help, but I felt it has helped me understand that I am able to cope with how I feel about situations I find myself in… and I will as time goes by, be able to not let things I can’t change upset me.”

    Regie – Durham


  • “On my first session I was very upset and emotional but by the end of the first session I felt calmer and could see there was an answer to my particular situation. Julie has a very calming influence and puts you at ease. I looked forward to each session as I knew I was getting stronger emotionally after each one. I am now able to look forward to the future.”

    Glyn – Durham


  • “I was very skeptical about counselling and about how I could benefit from talking about my problems. I suffered from extreme bouts of anger, anxiety and depression.  Julie made me feel very relaxed and trust was built very quickly.  I quickly learned the problems stemmed from people taking advantage of my good nature.  Julie helped put things in perspective for me, gave me the tools and confidence to think before committing to help others.  The insight and change of thought process I received from Julie is priceless.”

    Graham – Durham


  • “I just wanted to let you know that since I came to you, my life has completely changed. You may remember that I had a massive temper problem and lost patience all the time, which completely controlled my life.

    Since coming to you, I am a completely different person. I don’t stress about silly things anymore, I don’t kick off anymore, in fact I haven’t lost my temper in best part of a year. I feel so empowered now, I have expanded the shop, tried new [business] techniques, smashed them, decorated, taken on more staff… The list goes on.  At home, we are ALL happier too. Kids doing great…..

    I just wanted to thank you for helping me to this point. I wanted to be stable mentally, where I had “real” feelings, not extremes every hour, and I still find it unbelievable to think it, but that’s what I have. Just a normal life and the mindset I always thought was impossible for me to have.

    I’m not saying I won’t ever visit you again if I have to, but you really have shown me, and given me the tools to really enjoy my life. And if I am happy, so are my kids, so in fact you have also helped change their futures too.  I’m happy for you to use any part of this email, I hide nothing as you know, and use it for any purpose you feel fit. I will keep recommending you to everyone, as I tell them, if you can help me, you can help anyone.  Thank you so much Julie.”

    Sarah – Durham