Client Testimonials

Read what Julie’s client’s have to say about their experience of counselling

All testimonials are published with consent by each individual client who have either chosen to use their real name or have chosen to use a pseudonym.

  • “At first I found it difficult to talk about what had happened to me and I blamed myself.  Julie really understood where I was coming from, in our sessions we worked though the affect the abuse had on me and I no longer blame myself.  I can now move on with my life!”

    Jackie – Spennymoor


  • “Julie has been fantastic in installing the confidence and the self belief I lost, back into me and helped me to handle stressful situations in the workplace and at home. Counselling also helped me concentrate on one-self instead of others.”

    Gary – Durham


  • “Quite simply… Having one hour per week devoted to talking and working through my problems helped.”

    Ben – Durham


  • “Counselling gave me time to explore my situation in a safe comfortable setting and helped me gain an understanding of my situation and past relationships with family.”

    Caroline – Durham


  • “Thank you so much for your guidance and support.  I am very grateful and looking forward to a brighter future thanks to you.”

    Linda – Durham