Client Testimonials

Read what Julie’s client’s have to say about their experience of counselling

All testimonials are published with consent by each individual client who have either chosen to use their real name or have chosen to use a pseudonym.

  • “Talking to someone independent of family; identifying [new] coping mechanisms and being able to understand and confront my anxieties in a rational way really helped.”

    Arthur – Durham


  • “Thank you so much helping me to feel better about myself.  I like myself now and it feels great!”

    Deborah – Durham


  • “Counselling really helped me understand the stress factors in my life and the detrimental affect it had on me and my family. I no longer take on too much and prioritise my ‘to do list’, this helps me take the pressure off myself and allows me to spend quality time with friends and family.”

    David – Durham


  • “Counselling has helped me understand how I react in certain situations.  I can now control my reactions to others and don’t take things to heart so much. As a result my personal and professional relationships have really improved.  Priceless!”

    Alison – Newcastle


  • “I felt as if I was in a really dark place with no way out and the worst of it was I had no idea why I was feeling that way. Julie helped me to identify the cause of my depression and work through it.  I’m in a much better place now. Thank you!”

    Angela – Durham