Delegate Testimonials

Read what delegates have to say about Julie’s Workshops


  • Behind Closed Doors Domestic Abuse Awareness

    “I already had an awareness of domestic abuse through personal experience and I think my thinking was quite rigid in this area. The course helped me to look at it from a different perspective.  Some aspects of the course re-affirmed my knowledge; other parts were new to me. The visual exercises, affects on the professional, information on the law and signposting were really helpful. I loved the informal and relaxed approach, everybody was listened to equally and their opinions valued and discussed. I found Julie very approachable and down to earth, giving a relaxed feel while maintaining professionalism. Thank you!”

    Donna – Counsellor


  • Behind Closed Doors Domestic Abuse Awareness

    “The whole way we discussed how others work with clients and the depth in which it can affect our practice was really helpful. I felt the group work we did and presented was a good way of generating the process of thinking and exploring. I thought one exercise was very effective showing how uncomfortable we can feel when being manipulated. Thank you for sharing your experience.”

    Katie – Counsellor 


  • Behind Closed Doors Domestic Abuse Awareness

    “It was very useful to consider ‘ways of working’ with clients with this issue and now I have a base to build on in sessions with clients. The discussions, information and topics really questioned some of my beliefs and experiences which will be very helpful for my personal and professional development. I liked the way other approaches were discussed, everyone bounced of each other’s stories which were brilliant to hear. I really enjoyed the two days! Thank you!”

    Stephanie – Counsellor


  • Behind Closed Doors Domestic Abuse Awareness

    “It was very insightful looking at how other theories deal with abuse issues, discovering tools from other theories and how they are used….  helping me integrate them into my practice. Julie is extremely knowledgeable and the workshop was well researched.”

    Gillian – Counsellor


  • Behind Closed Doors Domestic Abuse Awareness

    “I found the information re types of abuse, other strategies used with different models, the information on the law and signpost information useful.  It was good to share experiences from others working with domestic abuse clients. The workshop has given me greater confidence when working with domestic abuse clients and validated my present practice.”

    Christine – Counsellor