“I decided to ask Julie to be my Supervisor based on her website. I liked what she had to say about Supervision and Counselling, her philosophy. I also liked the idea of having a Supervisor who is well-qualified and experienced but not so far ahead of me that she could not remember what it was like to be at my stage of practice. I wanted someone that I could aspire to be like, someone who was a couple of steps ahead of me, but not so far that I wasn’t able to imagine myself being more like her.

Julie has not let me down and has given me just what I wanted. She has always responded quickly and effectively to any questions or issues that I may have had in-between sessions. She is empathic, knowledgeable and genuine. She works by setting a good example. Her insights and gentle challenges have helped me to grow and develop as a practitioner. I feel as though I can take absolutely anything to Supervision with Julie, anything that is either effecting my work or any aspects of my work that I am struggling with, and whatever it is I am never made to feel that it is anything other than valid.

I really enjoy my work with Julie. I feel supported as a practitioner and through our work together I feel that my confidence has grown and my client work has improved as a result.

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience of Julie as a Supervisor.”

Fiona – Counsellor