Client Testimonial

“I just wanted to let you know that since I came to you, my life has completely changed. You may remember that I had a massive temper problem and lost patience all the time, which completely controlled my life.

Since coming to you, I am a completely different person. I don’t stress about silly things anymore, I don’t kick off anymore, in fact I haven’t lost my temper in best part of a year. I feel so empowered now, I have expanded the shop, tried new [business] techniques, smashed them, decorated, taken on more staff… The list goes on.  At home, we are ALL happier too. Kids doing great…..

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to this point. I wanted to be stable mentally, where I had “real” feelings, not extremes every hour, and I still find it unbelievable to think it, but that’s what I have. Just a normal life and the mindset I always thought was impossible for me to have.

I’m not saying I won’t ever visit you again if I have to, but you really have shown me, and given me the tools to really enjoy my life. And if I am happy, so are my kids, so in fact you have also helped change their futures too.  I’m happy for you to use any part of this email, I hide nothing as you know, and use it for any purpose you feel fit. I will keep recommending you to everyone, as I tell them, if you can help me, you can help anyone.  Thank you so much Julie.”

Sarah – Durham